The Eurofast Group

Eurofast was established in 1977, in the Netherlands. In the over 40 years following, we have grown out from a once sole proprietorship to the specialist
for fastening solutions for the entire building envelope throughout Europe.

Our headquarters is located just steps away from where it once started in Deurne, the Netherlands. Furthermore we have Business Units and divisions in Hungary, Poland, Belgium, United Kingdom and Denmark. Making it possible for us to serve over 25 European countries.

Currently we have over 110 people working at Eurofast. Although our company is constantly growing, we find it important to work with short communication lines for both our employees as for you as our customer.
We are an informal organisation with a flat organisation structure.  Allowing us to switch quickly, be accessible and keeping it personal for both internal as external parties. This is our strength and we are proud of it!  

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